Seahawks vs Patriots in The Super Bowl XLIX

The NFL Season sure has been a crazy one. Conference championship games were played on Sunday and it was the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots who were victorious and will now meet in the Super Bowl. This years Super Bowl will be played down in Glendale, Arizona on Feb 1st.

As we all know, it is very hard to come by super bowl tickets for the general public. The NFL releases so many tickets to media, advertisers, sponsors, nfl players and coaches etc. Many times fans of teams are left out cold or stuck looking on the secondary market at places like VividSeats, StubHub, Ebay etc.

Current get in prices are in the $1500-$1650 range for upper level seats at the University of Phoenix Stadium. If you want to be down in the lower level current prices are in the $3000 per ticket range for lower level corner seats. As you can see, it sure isn’t cheap going to the super bowl. For many people, it is a once in a lifetime thing due to the prices.

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