Seaching for Super Bowl Tickets?

If you are a fan of the Indianapolis Colts or the New Orleans Saints you probably spent some time last night and today searching for Super Bowl Tickets. Unlike most events, there is not a general on sale for Super Bowl Tickets. You are probably asking yourself “Well who gets all these tickets?” Well most of the tickets go to sponsors of the NFL as well as to the teams/players. If you are a season ticket holder for the Colts or the Saints, you might get lucky through a team lottery and get tickets but your chances of that are slim to none.

So how do you get tickets? Well prices on the secondary market right now are $1800 per ticket. That price will get you a upper level endzone seat for the big game. Most people can’t afford that kind of money but there are people out there purchasing them for that price this very second as I watch the market. I recommend you head on over to Ticket City if you are wanting to catch the big game down in Miami. There is nothing like watching a Super Bowl, especially when your favorite team is playing!

Check out the current listings for Super Bowl tickets by clicking here.