It’s not to early to start buying NFL Tickets and College Football Tickets

Whats going on Ticket Fans? Been pretty hectic here as of late and I haven’t had much time to keep the site updated. But I hope to have things slowing down here shortly and I’ll be back here blogging about Tickets on a constant basis!

I just wanted to let everyone know that there are plenty of great deals on NFL Tickets and College Football tickets right now over at TicketCity. Most NFL teams are sending season ticket holders their tickets right now and those people are turning around and listing a lot of them online to recoup some of their money. Many tickets are even selling below face value at this time!

If the NFL isn’t your think, NCAA Football Tickets are hot as well. Rivalry games are the hottest selling tickets right now but we can’t forget about the USC / Ohio State matchup in Columbus which are a hard ticket to come by.