Bowl game tickets moving very slow

This years bowl games are not selling as quick as in past years and corporate sponsors are wondering whats going on. I know plenty of universities are not even selling out their own ticket allotment due to expensive travel or having already played the bowl opponent during the regular season. Heck Uconn can’t even sell their allotment to the Fiesta Bowl where the Huskies will be taking on the Oklahoma Sooner. OU was even having a hard time moving their tickets.

So does the BCS hurt ticket sales or would the NCAA be better off going to a playoff where they would take their cut of ticket sales but the higher ranked teams would have home field? Wow that would sure sell tickets and the tickets on the secondary market would be high priced I’d imagine. Just like a big regular season home game except if you lose your season is over.

Sounds like a winning scenario too me.

But no, right now people can get into games below face value for big games and the stands will have empty seats. This does not look good on tv, and does not make the two universities look good either.

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