Major League Baseball Tickets

Major League Baseball is back for the 2009 season as the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves opened the season up on Sunday night. So far as I have been monitoring tickets, alot of tickets are still available for opening weekends for many teams. Teams like the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have sold out plenty of games but for other teams just head on over to their website and you can see what seats are available.

If you are like me and enjoy sitting close to the action, then you usually have to buy off the secondary market. Lately I’ve been having good lucky getting very good deals over at Ticket City. I like to buy here because all the transactions are guranteed and I have been getting very nice infield seats for very good prices. Do yourself a favor and head over to Ticket City and see what tickets are available for your favorite team!

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NBA Playoff Tickets Are Hot!

If you are a basketball fan, you have probably been watching the NBA Playoffs and so far there have been some great series. Right now you have the Los Angeles Lakers going against the under dog Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference and over in the Eastern Conference you have Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers taking on the Orlando Magic. So far the Lakers and Nuggets series is tied up at one game each while the Magic stole game one in Cleveland and currently lead that series one game to none.

Some people think that they can never attend a NBA Playoff basketball game because tickets are too expensive. Well I’m here to let you know that you can get into some games for as little as $20! Sure you might be sitting in the upper level, but the upper level has a great view of the court and it’s a great deal for little money. If you want to check out some great NBA Playoff Tickets for low prices, head on over to Ticket City and browse their inventory. I’m sure you will be able to find something that fits your budget and gets you in a seat! The finals are coming up soon, so don’t wait any longer!

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It’s not to early to start buying NFL Tickets and College Football Tickets

Whats going on Ticket Fans? Been pretty hectic here as of late and I haven’t had much time to keep the site updated. But I hope to have things slowing down here shortly and I’ll be back here blogging about Tickets on a constant basis!

I just wanted to let everyone know that there are plenty of great deals on NFL Tickets and College Football tickets right now over at TicketCity. Most NFL teams are sending season ticket holders their tickets right now and those people are turning around and listing a lot of them online to recoup some of their money. Many tickets are even selling below face value at this time!

If the NFL isn’t your think, NCAA Football Tickets are hot as well. Rivalry games are the hottest selling tickets right now but we can’t forget about the USC / Ohio State matchup in Columbus which are a hard ticket to come by.

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NBA Onsales are happening now

It’s that time of year where NFL Football and College Football are going strong but one sport that not a lot of people are thinking about right now is basketball. That is why there are so many great deals out there for NBA Tickets as the teams are just starting to have their onsales. Some of the teams like the Lakers, Spurs and Bulls have already had their onsales but there are teams like the Nuggets who will have theirs this Saturday.

Of course the hot teams to watch will be the Lakers, Celtics and Cavs just like the past few years. Will this be the year that Lebron can carry the Cavs to a NBA championship? I’m not sure about that but the best bet for you is to lock in your tickets before the season even starts by checking out Ticket City!

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Seaching for Super Bowl Tickets?

If you are a fan of the Indianapolis Colts or the New Orleans Saints you probably spent some time last night and today searching for Super Bowl Tickets. Unlike most events, there is not a general on sale for Super Bowl Tickets. You are probably asking yourself “Well who gets all these tickets?” Well most of the tickets go to sponsors of the NFL as well as to the teams/players. If you are a season ticket holder for the Colts or the Saints, you might get lucky through a team lottery and get tickets but your chances of that are slim to none.

So how do you get tickets? Well prices on the secondary market right now are $1800 per ticket. That price will get you a upper level endzone seat for the big game. Most people can’t afford that kind of money but there are people out there purchasing them for that price this very second as I watch the market. I recommend you head on over to Ticket City if you are wanting to catch the big game down in Miami. There is nothing like watching a Super Bowl, especially when your favorite team is playing!

Check out the current listings for Super Bowl tickets by clicking here.

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Sports Tickets and Summer Time Events

Hope everyone is having a great Summer thus far and getting out and seeing some sporting events and also some concerts. Major League Baseball is in full swing and almost to their half way point and the All Star Break. The World Cup is getting down to their final eight and final four teams and will soon have their championship played in South Africa. NFL and NCAA Football is just around the corner and tickets are selling left and right for both of those events.

So what events have you made it to so far? Are you paying less for your tickets with the down economy etc? It’s very easy to get into Wrigley Field to watch a Cubs game right now as ticket prices have dropped as the team has struggled. Remember, buy the week of the game or concert and almost every time you will be paying less than face value. An example of that was a few weeks ago when the White Sox visited Wrigley Field to take on the Cubs. It was right after the Blackhawks had just won the Stanley Cup and baseball was the only show in town yet I sold multiple tickets for $20 bucks a pop and even gave away four of them to a friend.

Right now the secondary market for baseball tickets is a buyers market no doubt about it. For the best deals, head on over to Ticket City and take a look at their current inventory. While you are there, it’s never to early to check out their NFL Tickets and College Football Tickets either.

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NCAA Basketball Tickets

It’s that time of year again where most people are only thinking football but surprisingly a lot of colleges are having their basketball on-sales. Even teams like Duke have had on-sales for games during their holiday breaks. Those times are about the only time you can get a seat at Cameron Indoor Stadium for a decent price. If you are a big basketball fan do yourself a favor and head over to Ticket City and see what tickets are available for your favorite team.

While you are there, browse there inventory for NBA, NHL and NFL tickets as well. I am sure you can find something at a great price!

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College Football Bowl Tickets

The regular season has concluded for College Football and now it’s time to look forward to the bowl season. The big match up in the BCS National Championship is Oregon vs Auburn. Will Cam Newton be able to score more than the Ducks and bring home another championship to the SEC? In other match ups you have Stanford facing off against Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, Wisconsin vs TCU in the Rose Bowl, Ohio State vs Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl and Oklahoma vs UConn in the Fiesta Bowl. There are plenty of good tickets available for all bowl games and we recommend you check out TicketCity for all your ticket needs.

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Sun Bowl Tickets
Texas Bowl Tickets
TicketCity Bowl Tickets

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Bowl game tickets moving very slow

This years bowl games are not selling as quick as in past years and corporate sponsors are wondering whats going on. I know plenty of universities are not even selling out their own ticket allotment due to expensive travel or having already played the bowl opponent during the regular season. Heck Uconn can’t even sell their allotment to the Fiesta Bowl where the Huskies will be taking on the Oklahoma Sooner. OU was even having a hard time moving their tickets.

So does the BCS hurt ticket sales or would the NCAA be better off going to a playoff where they would take their cut of ticket sales but the higher ranked teams would have home field? Wow that would sure sell tickets and the tickets on the secondary market would be high priced I’d imagine. Just like a big regular season home game except if you lose your season is over.

Sounds like a winning scenario too me.

But no, right now people can get into games below face value for big games and the stands will have empty seats. This does not look good on tv, and does not make the two universities look good either.

Check out how low some of the prices are at Ticket City and grab a few tickets and catch a game for very cheap!

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NFL Tickets are moving quickly

With news that that the NFL lockout will soon be over with, fans are quickly getting season tickets and single game tickets for their favorite teams. Most fans like myself were waiting things out to see what would happen with the lockout before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on tickets. With the season quickly upon us, there are a lot of good deals out there as ticket brokers and general fans selling extra tickets don’t have as much time to move their tickets.

I’m a 49ers fan and have already picked up some additional tickets at TicketCity where I came across some great deals for games. I suggest you check out the offerings for your favorite teams at Ticket City as well.

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